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Steve Palandri, for the Louise Palandri-Palmisano FLP

I just wanted to take a moment to commend a number of your employees. First, I wish to commend Rod Stout, who supervises your service technicians. He is always available, gets to the heart of the matter quickly, and follows up on what he says he will do. He has been instrumental in helping us keep down our overall HVAC costs in these trying times. He freely gives of his advice and expertise, always with a unique sense of humor that helps make even difficult das and occurrences go better.

Second, I wish to recommend Scott Williams. He took the time to design and manufacture for us a pair of drainage troughs, which I have finished installing here at our south building. Scot took the time to personally make the key measurements. And overall, Scot built these troughs at less cost than the originals constructed for the north building several years ago.

Third, I wish to commend all the others in your office, including Erv, Mary, and Morgan, who also interact with us, whether it’s Tara’s cheerful hello, or the professionalism of your dispatchers, making sure to get back to us and to coordinate the work. I see that even your accounting personnel have taken steps to clarify our billings. As Tom Osborne said, one secret of a successful endeavor is to surround yourself with good people.