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27 Jan 2017

Terry L., Omaha, Nebraska

Did a very good, fast, and clean job.  Thanks to all of the great people at Fred’s that were involved!

27 Jan 2017

Donn K., Omaha, Nebraska

Keep up the outstanding professionalism and knowledge.  Most importantly keep up the great work!

27 Jan 2017

Theresa B., Omaha, Nebraska

I could not afford much and they took the time to listen to that, then offered the best that I could get for the little money that I had.  I am very happy with Trane and Fred’s for being able to take care of my needs!

27 Jan 2017

Scotty and Sally Smith, Crescent, Iowa

We want to thank you and let you know how pleased we are with your company. After your immediate contact with us, Melissa and Rod followed up two days later. They were quick and professional in assessing our needs with a complete workup and quote in two days. We had choices with other companies, but your quick response got our attention.

Installers, Brent and Bryan, showed up on the day promised and on time, with a smile and professional attitude, and went immediately to work. They were polite, professional, listened to my suggestions, and put up with my continuous questioning. The craftsmanship and pride of your employees is outstanding. We would be proud to recommend your services to anyone.

27 Jan 2017

Jody Garretson, Gretna, Nebraska

In 2014, I moved into a new home [where the furnace had been installed by another company]. In less than two years, I had no heat and phoned your business immediately. Rod Stout was excellent, very knowledgeable, explained what I needed to know and has me back working. All problems were solved expediently and in great order. Two weeks ago my son-in-law’s furnace malfunctioned. In response from Fred’s Heating & Air, one of your service reps promptly and efficiently had his unit working. My hat goes off to Fred’s Heating & Air. I salute you for the fine years of service you have given Omaha. You are the best!

27 Jan 2017

Steve Palandri, for the Louise Palandri-Palmisano FLP

I just wanted to take a moment to commend a number of your employees. First, I wish to commend Rod Stout, who supervises your service technicians. He is always available, gets to the heart of the matter quickly, and follows up on what he says he will do. He has been instrumental in helping us keep down our overall HVAC costs in these trying times. He freely gives of his advice and expertise, always with a unique sense of humor that helps make even difficult das and occurrences go better.

Second, I wish to recommend Scott Williams. He took the time to design and manufacture for us a pair of drainage troughs, which I have finished installing here at our south building. Scot took the time to personally make the key measurements. And overall, Scot built these troughs at less cost than the originals constructed for the north building several years ago.

Third, I wish to commend all the others in your office, including Erv, Mary, and Morgan, who also interact with us, whether it’s Tara’s cheerful hello, or the professionalism of your dispatchers, making sure to get back to us and to coordinate the work. I see that even your accounting personnel have taken steps to clarify our billings. As Tom Osborne said, one secret of a successful endeavor is to surround yourself with good people.

27 Jan 2017

Joan Carnaby, Omaha, Nebraska

I wanted to thank you for refunding the balance of my service contract after I moved from my house to an apartment. I made several attempts to advise the new owners that they had a prepaid contract with a fabulous HVAC company, so they should use that when they needed A/C checked in the spring and the furnace checked in the fall.

It was my surprise to get the refund, and I wanted you to know that I have always been extremely happy with the service I received for many years from Fred’s Heating & Air. Your workmen were always friendly. I never felt pressured to buy new equipment, so when they suggested a new furnace or new air conditioner; I knew I could trust their judgment.

Thank you for all of the service you gave me in my former home, and for sending workmen to my new apartment to check the quality of the HVAC equipment – and they even installed a nice thermostat for me to replace a very poor one! It’s always good to know and be able to recommend a reliable and honest company, and I feel very comfortable about recommending your company.