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24/7 Emergency AC Repair Services

We understand that your air conditioning or heating systems can stop working at the worst possible times. That’s why Fred’s Heating and Air provides 24/7 around the clock emergency AC repair and furnace repair services.

Our experienced, professional technicians are available during all hours of the day (or night) to keep your heating and cooling running, ensuring your continued comfort. Our team adheres to a “repair first” mentality so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary up-selling or aggressive sales pitches. Fred’s provides honest and thorough air conditioning and furnace repair quotes for our customers, acting as trusted advisers so you can decide what option best fits your specific needs and budget.

Signs You Need Emergency Furnace or AC Repair

Having issues with your furnace or your air conditioning is never okay – it usually means you’re going to be uncomfortable in your own home or business until the problem can be fixed. But maybe you aren’t sure if what you’re dealing with warrants an emergency response from the experts at Fred’s Heating & Air. Here are some things to consider:

Electrical Issues

If your breaker trips, electricity buzzes, or lights flicker when your furnace or air conditioning system kicks on you could be dealing with serious electrical issues. This situation is very dangerous so you should absolutely contact a professional to take a look immediately.

Gas Odors

Many furnaces run on gas instead of electricity and a gas leak is never something to try and handle yourself without training. If you smell gas from your furnace system, shut off your main line and call us right away. We are professionally trained to handle these situations safely.

Loud Noises

Don’t just turn up the TV to cover it up – if your furnace or air conditioning system is making loud noises, it is because it’s trying to tell you that something is wrong. A loud, unusual noise almost always means a part is loose, bad, or otherwise damaged. Don’t let it cause more havoc in your system by ignoring it, call us for emergency service.

Air Coming Out Too Hot/Cold

The last thing you want is your furnace kicking out cold air or your AC kicking out hot air. If your system isn’t working to heat or cool your home properly against the weather it can quickly become a dangerous situation, especially for the elderly and young. Not to mention your household electronics can get damaged from temperatures that are too hot or too cold, meaning your expenses only continue to climb the longer you ignore the problem. Call Fred’s Heating & Air for emergency furnace or air conditioning repairs!

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