Whole Home Humidifier

Whole Home Humidifiers


Trane’s whole home humidifiers provide an easy solution to the problems caused by dry winter air. Maintaining the appropriate level of air moisture in your home helps keep you comfortable, combats dry skin, and reduces annoying static electricity buildup. Additionally, bringing moisture back into your home’s air helps preserve valuables like paintings, furniture, and woodwork. Our home humidifiers and furnace humidifiers are easy to install and come with a simple humidistat for set-it-and-forget-it control. Trust the whole home humidifier installation and replacement experts at Fred’s Heating and Air in Omaha.

Trane’s THUMD200/300 bypass humidifiers come with a 10-year parts warranty, and with proper maintenance, should match or surpass the useful life of your home’s furnace. Contact Fred’s today if you’re interested in getting more information about our humidification solutions or humidifier installation services.

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Fred’s Heating and Air’s professionally trained and certified service technicians are experts when it comes to furnace repair, humidifier installation, and air conditioner replacement on all makes and models of furnaces, humidifiers, and AC units. Our technicians pride themselves on acting as trusted advisors to our valued customers, never trying to sell them anything that they don’t absolutely want or need. Contact Fred’s Heating and Air to learn more about whole home humidifiers and furnace humidifier installation.

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