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Fred’s Precision Furnace Tune-Up

Furnace Tune-Ups in Omaha: Preventive Furnace Maintenance

The key to extending the life of your furnace and making sure it is ready for even the coldest winters is preventive furnace maintenance. Furnace cleaning, duct cleaning, and replacement of your furnace filter can reduce health problems and mold growth. Maintaining a clean furnace can keep your home’s heating going strong for years to come, and it reduces poor indoor air quality.

Our Precision Furnace Maintenance Tune-Up offered in Omaha ensures that your heating system performs efficiently and safely, along with greatly reducing the likelihood of an untimely breakdown or malfunction.

Equipment manufacturers suggest annual furnace maintenance service for optimal performance, monthly utility savings, and overall safety. Our Precision Furnace Tune-Up Service is one of the most comprehensive furnace maintenance approaches in the area and will save you the headaches and stress associated with major repairs or premature furnace replacement. One call to our customer service line could result in a furnace inspection, tune-up, and a furnace operating in peak condition. If clean air ducts, reliable heating, prevention of mold problems, and energy efficiency are important to you, get in touch with a furnace service provider at Fred’s Heating and Air.

How much does it cost for a furnace tune-up?

Generally speaking, the cost of a furnace tune-up is going to be a drop in the bucket compared to replacing your system prematurely because of a lack of preventative maintenance. As with any type of service, there are factors that affect the overall price of a furnace check.

For example, the age of your furnace, amount of wear and tear, and type of furnace could impact the overall cost of a furnace tune-up. Additionally, if the last time you had a furnace inspection and tune-up was many years ago, your service may require additional time to get your furnace in tiptop condition.

You can give us a call and we will be happy to provide you a free estimate on the cost of a furnace tune-up in your Omaha home. We have furnaces for all budgets and customers.

What is included in a heater tune-up?

There is a general checklist that any furnace technician will follow when performing an annual furnace check, though there may be some variation depending upon the state of your heater. However, you can expect a few things to happen:

  • Inspection of the unit in its entirety for defects, cracks, and wear that could signal an impending furnace failure.
  • Testing of gas pressures. Checking safeties and limits.
  • Cleaning and testing ignition components.
  • Clearing any and all drain lines.
  • Checking all electrical wiring ensuring secure connections and safe furnace operation.
  • Filtration and airflow checks to make sure systems are working as designed.
  • Plus much more!

Need a Furnace Tune-Up?

Call today to learn more about Fred’s CCSA for furnace maintenance in Omaha and how it will keep you and your family comfortable season after season, year after year!

Fred’s Comfort Club Savings Agreement (CCSA)

Schedule regular furnace maintenance tune-ups throughout the year by joining our Comfort Club Savings Agreement program! Signing up for our CCSA will grant you the following benefits:

  • Worry-free scheduled maintenance for your furnace, air conditioner, and humidifier. We call you to schedule convenient furnace maintenance times.
  • Two of our Unmatched Precision System Tune-Ups each year (one for your heating system and one for your cooling system).
  • Never pay an overtime or holiday fee. You always save 20% off of our standard diagnostic fee.
  • 15% discount on all furnace repairs.
  • Priority scheduling and service in case of an emergency.
  • Maintain manufacturer parts warranties with PROOF of regular maintenance, as they require.
  • Guaranteed furnace service within 24 hours of your call.

Quality Service From Certified Technicians

Fred’s Heating and Air professionally trained and certified service technicians are experts when it comes to furnace tune ups, furnace repair, and furnace maintenance on any and all makes and models of furnaces. Our furnace service technicians pride themselves on acting as trusted advisers to our valued customers, providing the best possible service for your furnace maintenance and other HVAC system services. We never try to sell our customers anything that is not necessary for the optimal performance of their air conditioning or heating units. Contact us using the form below to schedule your furnace maintenance tune up or give us a call today.