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Air Scrubbing in Omaha

Omaha Air Scrubbing Services

Air purification systems have been used for maintaining good indoor air quality for decades, but the demand for cleaner air within homes and offices has seen sizable growth since 2020. This uptick in need has led to the development of some truly amazing advancements in air purification systems. Fred’s Heating and Air prefers the Air Scrubber Plus. With over 30 years of experience with HVAC systems, our experts recognize the quality and reliability of this air scrubbing system, and that’s why we recommend it to our Omaha customers.

Using the same air purification technology trusted by NASA, the Air Scrubber Plus has been scientifically proven effective to reduce mold, dust, smoke, pet dander, and other allergens. Heavy pet odors and lingering smells from the kitchen don’t stand a chance against this revolutionary air purification system. The Air Scrubber Plus even reduces contaminants on surfaces!

The Air Scrubber Plus connects to your HVAC system and reduces airborne particles, resulting in better air quality and a reduction of respiratory symptoms for those who suffer from allergies, whether seasonal or environmental. Certain models and configurations of the Air Scrubber Plus can utilize ozone as well, which enhances the filtration of smoke and other odors, making it that much easier to breathe easy.

One of the surprising benefits of the Air Scrubber Plus is how it lightens the load on your heating and cooling systems. That’s right—this air purification system can help extend the life of your HVAC components by taking on more of the particulate reduction work, easing the wear and tear on your air conditioner and heating filtration systems. When these systems work in tandem, they elevate indoor air quality by removing contaminants that stand-alone HVAC filters cannot.

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