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If you need Omaha air conditioning installation, repair, or other air conditioning service, call Fred’s!

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Midwest summers are intense and you do not want to be stuck this summer without a proper air conditioning unit. Lucky for you, Fred’s Heating and Air provides Omaha, Nebraska with a variety of air conditioning services. Our expert team members provide services in Omaha: air conditioning installation, air conditioning tune-up, air conditioning repair and air conditioning replacement for both residential and commercial buildings. Whether you are at work or at home, you should not have to suffer in your own house or building. Let our professionals help you stay comfortable with quality air conditioner services.

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Air Conditioning Installation and Repair

Air conditioning repair is usually needed for units that have not been properly maintained, particularly older units that have been neglected. Professional air conditioning installation should work with the structure of your building. Older homes usually have vents specifically designed for heat, but not for air conditioning. Omaha air conditioning installation should be done by professionals, as buying a new unit is only a part of the total process. The experts at Fred’s are here to help you with all of your air conditioning questions and needs. Trust our team to be the professionals you can count on. The experts at Fred’s are here to help you with all of your air conditioning questions and needs.

Central Air Conditioners

At Fred’s Heating & Air, we provide Omaha air conditioning installation services with a variety of systems. A central air conditioner, or a central AC, is a system that cools the air in a central location and then distributes that air throughout the home via ductwork. Central air conditioners come in two varieties—split systems and packaged units. In a split system, you’ll have a unit outdoors that contains the compressor and the condenser, while an indoor unit contains the evaporator. In a packaged unit, on the other hand, all components of the AC are located in one outdoor unit.

No matter which type of central air conditioner you choose, you’ll find that a central AC provides you with the following benefits:

  • Central air conditioners help control humidity and keep the home cool in the summer
  • Central AC units pull air through an air filter, removing airborne particles such as dust and lint and thus making circulating air cleaner
  • Quieter operation when compared to a free-standing air conditioning unit

Want to learn more about central air conditioners or need help deciding which one would be best for your home? Call Fred’s Heating & Air today!

Ductless Mini-Split AC

In addition to central air conditioning units, Fred’s also provides installation, repair, and maintenance services for ductless mini-split AC systems. As opposed to central air conditioners, mini-split AC systems don’t require ductwork to operate. They’re composed of an indoor unit that mounts to the wall that is connected to the condenser via a conduit. Mini-split AC systems are available in single zone units and multi-zone units, depending on the number of rooms you need to cool.

When compared to other AC systems, ductless mini-split AC installation will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Quieter operation thanks to the condenser being located outside
  • Save energy by allowing you to control which rooms you want to cool
  • No ductwork needed
  • Easy installation

Allow Our Experts To Help You Stay Cool

If your unit needs some maintenance, your vents need to be moved, or if you need a tune-up, the AC experts with Fred’s Heating and Air can determine the best air conditioning solution for your home or business. We offer Omaha emergency AC repair services and free replacement estimates, 24-hours a day. If you are interested in learning more information on an air conditioning replacement or installation, do not hesitate to contact the experts at Fred’s. Our team is waiting to hear from you. Call us today!

How Much Does Air Conditioning Service Cost?

There are factors that will change the cost of air conditioning service, which is why we are pleased to provide our customers with free estimates. Our trained AC technicians will be able to assess your unit and determine the extent of the needed services. The good news is the cost is generally less than you might expect! The cost will end up depending upon whether you need a simple AC tune-up and cleaning or if you need a more extensive AC repair performed.

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