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Indoor Air Quality

Omaha Indoor Air Quality

Air quality is a concern for many homeowners. Contaminants in the air can impact your health and the well-being of your family.

Indoor air is filtered as it makes its way through your heating and cooling units, but those filters fill up with smoke particles from candles or tobacco, dust, grime, and other substances that are released into the air. Normal filters do not always catch everything.  

Fred’s Heating and Air has air purification products and air quality services offered in Omaha that can effectively remove dangerous particles present in indoor air. 

Let Us Purify Your Air

No one should have to put up with dirty air quality if they don’t have to. Our heating and cooling experts at Fred’s can purify your air, making it safer for you and your family to breathe. To learn more about our air purification products and air quality services in Omaha, call us today at (402) 779-7065.

Whole Home Humidifier

Beat the issues caused by dry winter air with a whole house humidifier installed by Fred’s Heating & Air. A lack of humidity in the winter air causes a litany of problems for you and your family as well as the belongings in your home. Not only does the dry air cause the discomfort of dry skin, it’s actually the reason people tend to catch more illnesses in the winter. Your upper respiratory system relies on moisture to do the job of capturing dirt, dust, viruses and bacteria before they can get you sick. A whole home humidifier installed by our Omaha team helps protect your family against illness by properly conditioning the dry winter air.

Electronic Air Cleaners

No matter how much you clean your home, dust is going to be there. And while you may hate the way it looks, you definitely won’t like how it makes you feel. Because poor air quality is a health hazard, it’s important to protect the indoor air quality of your home by installing an electronic air cleaner.

Air Scrubber Plus

Bring the power of NASA scientists into your home with the certified space technology of Air Scrubber Plus. Take the safety and comfort of your home into the stratosphere with this powerful tool to clean, deodorize, and purify the air you breathe.

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

No one wants to imagine it’s their own home that’s making them feel sick, but oftentimes that’s exactly the case. Dust contains various kinds of pollutants, viruses, and bacteria that make us ill and exacerbates asthma and allergies. While some of the negative health effects of poor indoor air quality are felt immediately after exposure, others won’t show up for years. Long-term exposure to poor indoor air can lead to respiratory diseases, heart disease, or even cancer. When it comes to the air quality of your home or business, be proactive and take steps to make sure your occupants are breathing safe, clean air. Improve the air you breathe everyday by turning to Fred’s for air quality services in Omaha.

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