Bats in the attic can be a real nuisance. But what homeowner doesn’t want more insulation? Batt insulation is an easy-to-work-with material that can significantly reduce heat transfer to and from your attic. Using batts, you can insulate your attic in a weekend or two, but it’s a wise idea to have what you need before you go up there.

Protective gear and clothing

The right clothing and gear make installing batts in the attic safer and more comfortable.

  • Long, loose pants and long sleeves: Insulation fibers can irritate your skin. Keep your arms and legs covered.
  • Knee pads: You’ll be kneeling a lot of the time. Pads will cushion your knees.
  • Work gloves with a good, tacky grip: These will help you handle tools safely and keep your hands free of irritation.
  • A paper respirator: You’ll be working in a naturally dusty area. The air will also be filled with insulating fibers.
  • OSHA-approved goggles: These will protect your eyes from airborne particulates. If you wear glasses, make sure the goggles fit comfortably over your glasses.

Tools for installing insulation

These are the simple tools you’ll need for the job:

  • Tape measure
  • Felt pen
  • Sharp utility knife
  • Straight edge
  • Hard surface to cut on (e.g. plywood board)
  • Putty knife

Now that you know what to wear and what you’ll need to insulate the attic, here are some additional tips to ensure that the job’s done right.

  • Read the labels on the insulation packaging. Look for health warnings and information about flammability.
  • Inspect your current insulation for damage, such as mold. Throw away moldy or damaged insulation, and call an HVAC pro to fix the issue that caused mold.
  • If you are installing insulation on top of insulation, the top layer must be lighter than the bottom layer, or the bottom layer will become compressed.
  • When you’re cutting insulation, place the foil/paper side face-down on the cutting surface (board or plywood). Line up the straight edge, press down firmly, and make the cut slowly with a sharp utility knife.

If you need more tips for installing batts in the attic, call Fred’s Heating and Air. We serve homeowners in the Omaha and Council Bluffs area. We’re happy to answer all of your questions.