Now that the warmer temperatures have arrived, your air conditioner will be getting a workout, especially if you’re home during the day. But what if problems arise?

Whether you have a high-efficiency air conditioner or a traditional A/C unit, it’s important to be aware of common A/C problems so you know when to contact your trusted HVAC technician.

Common A/C problems

  • Drainage problems: Keep the condensate drain free of clogs so it’s able to do its job effectively. This is a common problem with room air conditioners in humid weather. Also, keep in mind that room air conditioners may not drain as they should if they are not positioned correctly.
  • Refrigerant leaks: Your air conditioner works best when it has the proper refrigerant charge. A trained technician can check the amount of refrigerant and charge the system if needed.
  • Electric control failure: Make sure the compressor and fan controls are working correctly, as they have a tendency to wear out, especially when a system is oversized. Check electrical connections and contacts if possible in order to avoid corrosion of wire and terminals.
  • Sensor problems: Sometimes a room air conditioner’s thermostat sensor is knocked out of position, causing the unit to work improperly. You can adjust the sensor by carefully bending the wire that holds it in place.

Adequate maintenance is highly recommended in order to ensure that your air conditioner operates properly and continues to run smoothly for years to come. For more expert advice about how to handle common A/C problems, contact us at Fred’s Heating & Air. We’re proud to serve homeowners in and around Omaha and council bluffs.