Leaks in your ductwork can cost you — in terms of energy efficiency and air quality. Heated air that escapes through breaches doesn’t get to its intended destination, so you’re spending more to keep your home warm. Ductwork issues can also degrade your air. It’s smart to resolve those issues before Omaha temperatures really plunge. Get in now on the benefits that duct sealing offers.

Over time, a duct system that once served you well can develop problems. Joints can become loose, sections can get dented or torn. In a worst-case scenario, a whole section can become crushed or entirely dislodged. When any of these things happens, your heated air is getting lost. You might not notice the problem immediately. You might shrug and just turn up the thermostat. But in fact, this forces your furnace to work harder to keep up with the demand. Eventually, your system could break down or even fail prematurely. Inspecting your ductwork and fixing any issues has significant benefits in terms of savings.

  • You won’t be paying to heat air that never gets to the rooms where it’s supposed to go. In some homes, as much as 20 percent of all conditioned air is lost through ductwork breaches. Repairing those trouble spots could save you considerably.
  • When your ductwork is holding up its end, your furnace is doing only the work it was designed to do. This means it will serve you longer and better. You can do even more to ensure your furnace longevity by checking the filter frequently and changing it whenever it looks dirty.

Fixing those duct leaks will also keep your family more comfortable. It’s likely that you won’t be fighting over the thermostat anymore. Because all the heat will be going where it’s supposed to, some rooms won’t be too cold, while others are too hot.

Not only will your family members be more comfortable, they’ll probably breathe better. Why? Breaches in your duct system invite pollutants and fumes from unconditioned areas. Consider your basement, where much of your ductwork runs. It’s full of chemicals and other household products that give off fumes. The garage, where you store all your gasoline-fueled equipment, is another example. Just as important, duct leaks can cause dangerous backdrafting. Seal your ductwork and you will have none of these issues.

Don’t let dollars slip through the cracks of your Omaha home’s ductwork. Call Fred’s Heating and Air. We can answer your questions, and we would be happy to resolve any ductwork issues in your home.