Are you afraid your ailing air conditioner won’t make it through the summer? Home energy tax credits could help ease the pain of replacing your unit, even saving you money in the long term. But how?

Federal tax credits

Home energy tax credits were introduced to help save homeowners money when taking action to lower energy consumption. You can do this by investing in products and upgrades with the Energy Star label to make your home more environmentally friendly and reduce your energy bills.

HVAC upgrades

Here are some ways you could benefit from upgrading various HVAC systems that meet the tax credit qualifications:

  • Advanced main air circulating fan: You could get $50 credit when purchasing a new fan which can help move air through your furnace and ducts more efficiently.
  • Air source heat pump: Heat pumps move air between the outdoors and indoors depending on the home’s cooling or heating needs. These systems are particularly good if you live in a moderate climate. Tax credits of up to $300 are available when homeowners purchase an air source heat pump.
  • Central air conditioning systems: If you need an energy-efficient central air system, you can also receive a $300 tax credit. When you purchase qualifying equipment, be sure that your HVAC technician provides you with a Manufacturer Certification Statement which states that your new system qualifies for the credit.

Tax credits are also available for qualifying windows and doors, biomass stoves, water heaters, insulation, solar panels and wind turbines.

Energy Star

It’s important to note that not all Energy Star-labeled products will qualify for home energy tax credits, so it’s wise to ask for professional help from a HVAC technician to ensure you select the best system for your home that meets the tax credit qualifications.

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