Many people realize that heat rises, and therefore, attic insulation is very important for keeping heat in during the winter. However, due to the hot temperatures that can develop in the attic, its insulation is also important for keeping the heat out during the summer.

Your home’s roof absorbs a lot of heat from the sun’s radiation during the daytime. The absorbed heat spreads through the structure and radiates into the attic air, heating it up. Because it’s in a confined space, the air in your attic becomes substantially hotter than the exterior air. Normal building materials readily absorb and transmit heat, so it’s important that you have sufficient insulation in your attic to help prevent the ceiling of rooms on the top level of your home from becoming hot and further radiating heat into your home.

Insulation is also needed around any ductwork that passes through the attic. It’s best if ducts are run through the insulated portion of your home, but if that’s not possible, quality insulation and sealing can help limit the losses.

Insulation isn’t as effective at blocking air movement as it is at blocking heat transfer, so you’ll need to take additional steps to keep airflow between your home and attic to a minimum. There are frequently gaps in your home’s construction around pipes, wiring, access hatches and other areas, so you’ll want to make sure those are well-sealed.

In contrast to the air sealing that should be done between your living area and attic, ventilation should be encouraged to expel the hotter attic air outdoors while simultaneously bringing in the cooler exterior air. For this task, you can make the sun’s radiation work in your favor by using it to run a solar-powered attic fan.

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